Natural Language Processing NLP Examples

We can use Wordnet to find meanings of words, synonyms, antonyms, and many other words. Stemming normalizes the word by truncating the word to its stem word. For example, the words “studies,” “studied,” natural language processing algorithms “studying” will be reduced to “studi,” making all these word forms to refer to only one token. Notice … Read more

Building an AI Chat bot! Chapter 5: Doing cool things with data! by Priya Dwivedi

For now, it’s only available on Android via third-party download but it will soon be available on the Google Play and iOS App stores. The average number of dialogue turns per individual conversation is 23 which is even higher than human conversations. Courtesy of x.aiIn 2021, it was announced that was acquired by Bizzabo, … Read more

15 Best AI-Powered Content Generation and Strategy Tools

A company that provides data-driven marketing for small and medium sized businesses. Content A data-driven content marketing platform that helps companies increase the average time they devote to social media content. Luxembourg-based ANote Music launches its music royalties blockchain investment platform British musictech startup Audoo picks up €8.4 million in mission to ensure artists get … Read more